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Product name: PP Flame retardant masterbatch Product model: PP阻燃母粒 Browse number: 次

Product introduction:

PP Flame retardant masterbatch


Specialize for PP flame retardant, which is used for Christmas lights, Christmas trees, wires plugs, C7C9 string lights (plug), electronics, electrical components, textiles, building materials, decoration materials, shoes and so on

Quality Standards

Flame retardant gradeGrade: UL588V0 (PP: ATO,1:3)
Environmental Protection standardsComply with ROSH requirements
Anti-aging propertiesComply with ULF(1) requirements for outside
ColorWhite/ Green/ Black
ShapeCylindrical particles
Melting point185℃
Temperature of heat distortion 105℃


In 25KG bag net each, anti-moist, free hook.

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